The Sunday Night Post

May/2004: The SNP - I hate Courtney Love. I'd write about why and how much I hate Courtney Love, but my buddy Ninja R over at Hoodratz already did that shit for me.

If Courtney Love was poor, she's spending five years in jail and her kid is taken away. But Courtney Love isn't poor. She sucked rocker cock and someone gave her a rock band, despite her completely untalented state.

Back in "tha" day, my former (sniff... former? Former? Where'd it all go wrong?!?!) sidekick Erika and I launched a two-person invasion of's message board. Now, while Courtney Love herself is sick as hell, her fans are worse. Laden with females defending self-mutilation, formerly abused goths and socialists, the board was a ripe rotund target. I, of course, got banned very quickly after mocking the member photo album area and a long, long thread about vegetarians. Erika followed a while after.

It's scary how someone so dumb can be so quickly deified. Love is seriously the world's biggest white trash. That includes Anna Nicole Smith.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend. I mostly watched TV and kept up on PeeJ happenings at the same time. I finally got caught up on what American Idol is by watching the E! True Hollywood Story on the show. It's pretty obvious that they don't choose people on singing talent, but rather ethnicity. Brings in more viewers that way. Otherwise, how can you explain the red-head kid or the Hawaiian chick? Ridiculous. PeeJ happenings were somewhat eventful. Managing a website with hundreds to thousands of volunteers can be quite taxing due to all the personalities involved. Our efforts to be all-inclusive carries a risk of having cliques and hatred over differences. Putting down such "cliques" and intolerance can take some time. Still, it's easy when I'm such a scary guy. Oooogah.

Scarier still would be Uday Hussein. While invading Iraq was stupid policy, it's not something I can get too upset about. Why? One major reason would be Uday Hussein. People about how terrible Saddam was, but his kids were worse. Torturing olympic athletes? Raping 12 and 13 year olds, and various other women just to prove he's not impotent after an assassination attempt? Killing Saddam's food taster over an insult? The guy was completely wacked. His younger brother was no better. Yes, you can tell I watched the documentary on A&E about the Hussein family. If I'm a cruel dictator, I don't care who you are... don't fuck with the food taster.

Fact is, people are overly against the Iraq war. I'm against it, but I also have the long-view. The view that a person like Uday Hussein at the head of a country with chemical weapons would not be too smart a world plan. The fact that we were able to take out these thugs mollifies my principled outrage. Even important life-guiding political principles have to be moderated by pure reality: These guys were the worst of the worst. I can shed nary a tear or ounce of outrage over our wiping Iraq clean of these idiots.

I'm going to try to put together some random thought Sunday Night Post each week. I probably will miss one or two, but hopefully I can keep some sort of consistent weekly schedule.