A conversational look at the K.T. recovery

September/2004: PeeJ Happenings - As you know, PeeJ helped recover an abducted child by locating her via a website. This is a look inside our conversations from when we first heard of the case, all the way up through the recovery of the kid. I think it's an interesting read. This by no means encapsulates the entire IM archives where we talked about everything involving this abduction and recovery, but gives you a concise journey from the important happenings, as they happened. There are probably five times the amount of chat-logs relating to this story, but these are the most relevant, snapshots in time, really.

Here's a unique look into the inside of this 14 year old's recovery, from our perspective. These conversations span from September 8th to late on September 12th.

XavierVE: Mail call!
XavierVE: Let's see if we can't pick something up here.
XavierVE: I haven't checked in like six hours.
XavierVE: Gotta be SOMETHING for the Harv.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Hahaha.
XavierVE: Boo, first one.
XavierVE: OMG.
XavierVE: This makes me so depressed :(
XavierVE: My name is *name removed* and my daughter is *name removed*. She is posted on your site under Net Abductions. She has been missing since Aug 29. I would like to know if you know of someone who could get into my computer to look at her screen names and see if there is vital information that could help in finding her. You can contact me at *number removed* or *number removed*. Please help me find my
XavierVE: daughter.
XavierVE: Fucking police.
XavierVE: Fucking crapstick.
XavierVE: How in the world does a kid go missing and the cops not check the kids computer?
harveypj@hotmail.com: Jesus.
harveypj@hotmail.com: I don't know.
XavierVE: WTF?
harveypj@hotmail.com: What area is she in? Do we have any Info First contacts there?
XavierVE: Checking.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Vancouver, WA
XavierVE: Fuck, that's close.
XavierVE: That's less than half an hour away.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Yup.
harveypj@hotmail.com: I can call her tomorrow, if you want.
XavierVE: I'm emailing her back right now.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Walk her through finding Yahoo .dat files.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Okay.
XavierVE: Well, she's close enough that Phoebus and I could do it if we had some way to get there.
XavierVE: I'm going to email her back and MAKE SURE the cops didn't go through that computer.
XavierVE: And stress that the police need to do that, because if we do it, it could be construed as tampering in a prosecution.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Nod, I didn't know if you wanted me to kind of check out the situation.
XavierVE: If you'd like to, sure.
XavierVE: You're female, so that helps.
harveypj@hotmail.com: That's what I was thinking.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Before two guys in their mid-twenties come over, kind of deal.
XavierVE: Okay. I'll have you do it. That's insane.
XavierVE: That just can't be true.
harveypj@hotmail.com: *name removed*'s in Vancouver.
XavierVE: They would have to... *name removed* doesn't know anything about computers.
harveypj@hotmail.com: I was just trying to think of people she could talk to.
harveypj@hotmail.com: *name removed* doesn't know anything about computers, but she's a good person to talk to.
harveypj@hotmail.com: I mean, the woman's got to be losing her mind.
XavierVE: Man.
XavierVE: Insane.
XavierVE: Insane if the cops didn't check the computer.
XavierVE: Seriously, find out if they have.
XavierVE: I'm sure there's some way we could if the cops REFUSE to, or something. Jesus.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Police had to have.
harveypj@hotmail.com: The girl is known to have contacted a number of people in several states on the Internet and may have gone off with one of them, said Clark County Sheriff's Detective *name removed* of the Major Crimes Unit.
harveypj@hotmail.com: I'll contact *name removed* tomorrow as well as *name removed*.
XavierVE: Good.
XavierVE: Yeah, she could just send dats if her daughter used Yahoo.
XavierVE: We have dat file viewers.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Let *name removed* know that we were contacted by *name removed*, ask about the current status of the case, and offer our expertise.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Call *name removed* at *number removed*.
harveypj@hotmail.com: You're serving as my clipboard.
XavierVE: Sounds good.
harveypj@hotmail.com: http://www.perverted-justice.com/?missing=46
harveypj@hotmail.com: If she asks how we got involved.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Now I've got the address to send her.
XavierVE: Okay, good.
XavierVE: Insane if what she says is true.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Okay. I'll call Det. *name removed*, offer us, then call *name removed* and let her know that we talked to the police.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Find out what we can do from *name removed*.
XavierVE: Sure.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Then offer that to *name removed*, or at least let her know what the police said.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Sound good?
XavierVE: Sure, just to find out what steps the police took.
harveypj@hotmail.com: Nod.
XavierVE: I'm sure they checked the computer.
XavierVE: I mean, c'mon.
XavierVE: Really.
harveypj@hotmail.com: One can hope.
harveypj@hotmail.com: The girl is known to have contacted a number of people in several states on the Internet and may have gone off with one of them, said Clark County Sheriff's Detective *name removed* of the Major Crimes Unit.
harveypj@hotmail.com: That's the bit that worries me.
harveypj@hotmail.com: May have gone off with . . .
harveypj@hotmail.com: Not "We saw plans to go off with."
XavierVE: Yeah. May have. Like they didn't read the archives. Yeah.
harveypj@hotmail.com: As well as "known to have."
harveypj@hotmail.com: That's like "Mom said she talked online a lot."
XavierVE: Yep.
XavierVE: That's exactly what i was thinking.

harveypj2003 (Away): Got a message from *name removed*, the detective in WA on *name removed*'s case.
the_angrygerman: What's the word, bird?
harveypj2003 (Away): They're "going to check the computer."
harveypj2003 (Away): It'd be "helpful if they could get in first."
the_angrygerman: !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
the_angrygerman: They didn't check the computer!
harveypj2003 (Away): Continuing the rousing game of phone tag, I called back and said "If you need a Yahoo .dat viewer or anything . . . just call."
harveypj2003 (Away): Doesn't look like it, no.
the_angrygerman: OH MY CHRIST.
the_angrygerman: Did you email this poor woman back with the info?
the_angrygerman: Email her back and let her know that we've contacted the police and they are now going to check the computer.
the_angrygerman: Let her know that if they don't, to contact us again immediately.
harveypj2003 (Away): *name removed*? Yes, I'm giving Det. *name removed* an hour to call me back and tell me not to do so, then I"m doing so.
the_angrygerman: Jesus Buddy Christ.
harveypj2003 (Away): Actually, I'll call *name removed* later.
the_angrygerman: Do so anyways.
harveypj2003 (Away): It's more personal that way.
harveypj2003 (Away): Want me to go ahead and call her?
the_angrygerman: *name removed*'s request is bullshit.
the_angrygerman: If she did request that.
the_angrygerman: Yes, call her now.
harveypj2003 (Away): she didn't.
the_angrygerman: The poor woman!
harveypj2003 (Away): Okay.
the_angrygerman: The poor poor woman!
harveypj2003 (Away): Agreed.
harveypj2003 (Away): And wtfomgbbq, how do they not check the computer?
the_angrygerman: Seriously, that is the biggest bullshit ever.
the_angrygerman: Ever.
the_angrygerman: That's infuriating.
the_angrygerman: I'm just glad our intervention got them to CHECK THE FREAKIN' COMPUTER HELLO FIRST STEP IN ANY NET ABDUCTION HELLO!
harveypj2003 (Away): I'm just stunned.
harveypj2003 (Away): I mean, Christ.
harveypj2003 (Away): Hello, basic principle.
harveypj2003 (Away): She may have left after speaking to people in several states online?
harveypj2003 (Away): Let's not check the computer, eh?
the_angrygerman: My christ.
harveypj2003 (Away): Well, of course, she may have used AOL.
harveypj2003 (Away): Or not had archiving on Yahoo.
the_angrygerman: MAY have. But even then, you can check the computer!
the_angrygerman: She may have a diary on there!
harveypj2003 (Away): In which case, I have no idea how to check it.
harveypj2003 (Away): Haha, true.
the_angrygerman: There's a ton of things!
the_angrygerman: How about oh... VISITED WEBSITES?
harveypj2003 (Away): Sept. 2, 2004. Run away from home, meet Josh.
the_angrygerman: When you visit a Yahoo profile, the computer saves your history.
the_angrygerman: You don't talk to people in a chat without viewing their profile.
harveypj2003 (Away): Sept. 3, 2004. Get to Josh's house at 3847 Jackson Lane, Deerborn, CA.
harveypj2003 (Away): I mean, Jesus, you just don't know.
the_angrygerman: Checking the most recent profiles may lead to a break.
the_angrygerman: How about Mapquest?
the_angrygerman: History of mapquest searches?
the_angrygerman: There's a thousand things you can possibly find.
the_angrygerman: WTFBBQ indeed.
harveypj2003 (Away): I don't know, my sweet. I'm calling *name removed* now.
the_angrygerman: And who doesn't add buddies!
the_angrygerman: You can check who her added buddies are at least!
the_angrygerman: Maybe find other online friends you can pressure into giving you more information!
the_angrygerman: WHAT THE FUCK.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yes.
the_angrygerman: I'm posting our conversation.
harveypj2003 (Away): She's been begging her to come and take it.
harveypj2003 (Away): It's been 11 days.
harveypj2003 (Away): Daughter used Yahoo.
harveypj2003 (Away): AIM too.
the_angrygerman: Good christ.
the_angrygerman: Fucking insane.
the_angrygerman: Let her know that we've spoken with *name removed* and she is pledging to check it out after we said we would if they weren't willing.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yes.
harveypj2003 (Away): She's called everyone she could.
the_angrygerman: Insane.
harveypj2003 (Away): The girl would come in at night and take her cellphone and go and call people.
the_angrygerman: Make sure she knows that if they don't come and check out the computer, to let us know immediately.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yes. I'm giving her my cell.
the_angrygerman: Good.
the_angrygerman: Fucking retarded.
harveypj2003 (Away): The only thing, clothes-wise, she can find missing are PJ pants.
harveypj2003 (Away): What she left in was wrong.
harveypj2003 (Away): The police have just not done anything.
the_angrygerman: My god.
the_angrygerman: They better check that computer, or we'll have to advise this poor woman to contac... fuck, I'd just have the media contact her.
harveypj2003 (Away): She's been in the media every day.
harveypj2003 (Away): It's the only way she's gotten anything done.
the_angrygerman: But she hasn't been telling them what the cops haven't done, I don't imagine.
harveypj2003 (Away): Oh, I know.
the_angrygerman: Because that would be a major story.
the_angrygerman: I have media contacts sitting around for most of the Portland stations, if the cops don't get their asses in gear now, I'll be glad to hook her up with concerned GOOD reporters.
harveypj2003 (Away): She didn't know where to go, who could help her.
the_angrygerman: Well, we'll fucking help her. Jesus christ.
harveypj2003 (Away): She's about to cry.
the_angrygerman: Keep on that fucking piece of shit detective.
harveypj2003 (Away): In the beginning, they said 2-3 times they were going to take the computer.
the_angrygerman: Did they do any forensics on it at all?
harveypj2003 (Away): Then she went down with her father and they said they changed their mind.
harveypj2003 (Away): No.
harveypj2003 (Away): Nothing.
the_angrygerman: Fucking ridiculous.
harveypj2003 (Away): Mom says if she went with someone from the computer, she's not a runaway, she's being kept.
harveypj2003 (Away): Daughter has a disorder.
harveypj2003 (Away): Asperger's syndrome.
harveypj2003 (Away): JESUS GOD.
the_angrygerman: Ugh.
the_angrygerman: Aspergers.
harveypj2003 (Away): They've had 11 days.
harveypj2003 (Away): They've not looked at the computer.
harveypj2003 (Away): Daughter's very sheltered.
the_angrygerman: Insane.
harveypj2003 (Away): Hence, only friends were online. "She's just not the type to take off."
harveypj2003 (Away): She was supposed to be in Hawaii for six weeks--came after one because she missed her mom.
the_angrygerman: Yeah, this is insane. You let her know that if the cops don't take this seriously now, we'll help her with the media and getting the word out there.
harveypj2003 (Away): So there's something very wrong.
harveypj2003 (Away): I am.
harveypj2003 (Away): I'm telling her that if Det. *name removed* doesn't get back with her TODAY.
harveypj2003 (Away): She should give me a call.
harveypj2003 (Away): Sent her my e-mail too.
the_angrygerman: Damn right.
harveypj2003 (Away): This poor woman.
the_angrygerman: I'm going to go put my contacts together on this. This may need to go straight to the news if they don't hit that shit up SOON.
harveypj2003 (Away): Good.
harveypj2003 (Away): She's going to call the media today.
harveypj2003 (Away): And tell them that since WE called, they're going to check the computer.
the_angrygerman: Good. If they don't, I'll custom build the story for her before the PDX reporters even talk to her.
the_angrygerman: That way it's all set up easy for her to deal with.
harveypj2003 (Away): "I am not a pushy mother, I have just always been an advocate."
harveypj2003 (Away): "I'm just advocating for her. Help her."
harveypj2003 (Away): Mom took cellphone records in.
harveypj2003 (Away): Det. *name removed* did not want them.
the_angrygerman: WHAT!
harveypj2003 (Away): They won't take the girl's clothing, either.
harveypj2003 (Away): For scent-type stuff.
harveypj2003 (Away): "I'm thankful to *name removed* that she had you in her favorites. It was meant to be, I guess."
the_angrygerman: Jesus.
the_angrygerman: I'm already gathering contacts. This is insane.
harveypj2003 (Away): "Sometimes I'll sit there at night and think "I have to push harder" because I know I can't live the rest of my life without knowing."
the_angrygerman: No shit. Nobody would question that.
harveypj2003 (Away): Okay, off the phone.
harveypj2003 (Away): Told her to call me tonight regardless.
harveypj2003 (Away): Let me know if Det. *name removed* contacted her or didn't contact her.
harveypj2003 (Away): I can't believe this.
the_angrygerman: I can't either.
the_angrygerman: It's absolutely boggling.
the_angrygerman: It's insane.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yeah.
harveypj2003 (Away): Jesus.
the_angrygerman: It's insane.
the_angrygerman: There are no words for it.
harveypj2003 (Away): WTF are they THINKING?
the_angrygerman: It's insane.
harveypj2003 (Away): We're off to run errands. Get your contacts together, and I'll let you know as soon as she contacts me again.
the_angrygerman: Insane.

the_angrygerman: If this lead checks out, we may have recovered an abducted kid.
youve_been_fragged: Really?
youve_been_fragged: *name removed*
the_angrygerman: Been talking to the mother.
the_angrygerman: She's a user of *website removed*.com
the_angrygerman: She last logged in 19 hours ago.
the_angrygerman: I've got a request in to the guy that does the technical aspect of the site to see if the script logs user IP's when they log in.
youve_been_fragged: Sweet.
the_angrygerman: If it does, we'll have located the area where *name removed* is in.
the_angrygerman: Plus, we have her Yahoo account names.
the_angrygerman: She was on one of them eight days ago.
the_angrygerman: I'm going to turn them over to DMO to monitor.
youve_been_fragged: Nice.
youve_been_fragged: Wow. This would be huge.
the_angrygerman: I hope this *website removed* lead works out.
youve_been_fragged: Yes indeed.
youve_been_fragged: Are you going to have DMO try and engage if she comes online?
the_angrygerman: That's the plan.
the_angrygerman: Talking to DMO about it now.
youve_been_fragged: Very nice.
the_angrygerman: I'm hoping *website removed* works out.
the_angrygerman: That'll make things quick.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah that would be great.
youve_been_fragged: You'd think they'd log where posts come from.
youve_been_fragged: Did she post, or just browse?
the_angrygerman: Browse, looks like. May have posted a critique of someone else. I haven't checked fully.
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
the_angrygerman: YES. She made a comment on Sept. 6th.
youve_been_fragged: Nice.
youve_been_fragged: Well if you don't have anyone on it give me any email addresses or screen names and I'll start scouring the web.
the_angrygerman: He's GOTTA log IP's.
youve_been_fragged: Damn.
youve_been_fragged: Nice.
youve_been_fragged: Definitely on posts.
the_angrygerman: It's gotta be.
youve_been_fragged: How old is *name removed*?
youve_been_fragged: What's her screen names?
the_angrygerman: Screen names? One second.
the_angrygerman: I thought you meant about her *website removed* profile.
youve_been_fragged: I don't know who she is there.
the_angrygerman: Ah.
the_angrygerman: *IM names removed*
youve_been_fragged: I don't have any info.
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
the_angrygerman: Those are the Yahoo names.
youve_been_fragged: Do we have any email addresses?
the_angrygerman: Don't do anything to possibly spook her or the abductor though.
youve_been_fragged: Not a chacne.
the_angrygerman: I don't have any.
youve_been_fragged: chance even
youve_been_fragged: I just want to search. If I find anything I'm going to do nothing but come to you with it.
the_angrygerman: http://www.perverted-justice.com/?missing=46
the_angrygerman: That's the girl.
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
the_angrygerman: This is her *website removed* account.
the_angrygerman: *website removed*
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
the_angrygerman: Two posts on the sixth.
the_angrygerman: Good.
youve_been_fragged: Very good.
youve_been_fragged: Have you let the mother know that she's at least alive?
the_angrygerman: This shit will log IP's.
the_angrygerman: The mother knows.
youve_been_fragged: Good.
the_angrygerman: She was the one that saw that she logged in on *website removed*
youve_been_fragged: Oh yeah, it's got to log IPs.
youve_been_fragged: Okay cool.
the_angrygerman: It's got to for posts!
the_angrygerman: It's simply got to!
youve_been_fragged: Yeah no doubt.
the_angrygerman: Damn, this guy has an incomplete phone number listed.
youve_been_fragged: Who? The site admin?
the_angrygerman: Yeah.
the_angrygerman: I got his number.
the_angrygerman: You want to give this guy a call and ask him to check his email?
youve_been_fragged: You bet.
the_angrygerman: *number removed*
youve_been_fragged: Is this *website removed*
the_angrygerman: Yep.
the_angrygerman: *name removed*
the_angrygerman: He's 25, yadda, yadda.
youve_been_fragged: Okay. Which email address did you send it to?
youve_been_fragged: *email removed*
the_angrygerman: *email removed*
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
youve_been_fragged: I'm on it.
the_angrygerman: Thanks. I have no patience to wait for this guy to check his email.
youve_been_fragged: I got voicemail and it said "This is *name removed*'s voicemail, leave a message and I'll call you back later".
the_angrygerman: *name removed*
the_angrygerman: Okay.
youve_been_fragged: Female voice.
the_angrygerman: Must be an old number.
the_angrygerman: It's on his *website removed* whois. Damn.
youve_been_fragged: Do you think the *number removed* number is his, or his hosts?
the_angrygerman: I think it's his. That's definitely Washington.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah.
youve_been_fragged: They have a send IM feature on *website removed*.com, but it doesn't seem to work for me. It would appear that some of the staff is online right now.
the_angrygerman: It doesn't work for me either.
the_angrygerman: I don't want to hit up individual mods because they could be weirdo's or kids themselves.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah.
youve_been_fragged: Good point.
the_angrygerman: They can ban users.
the_angrygerman: So they must log IP's on the posts.
youve_been_fragged: Yep.
youve_been_fragged: Banning only screen names is worthless.
the_angrygerman: Yep. Gotta have IP logging. Just gotta.
youve_been_fragged: This *name removed* guy is a hardcore programmer. I'm sure he'll be grabbing IPs.
the_angrygerman: Yep. He's talented.
the_angrygerman: I am not a patient person. Back in five.
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
the_angrygerman: We're going to get an IP off that site. I know we will. It's a foregone conclusion.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah, I'm sure you're right. Like you though, I'm very impatient. It's our best lead and I want to know what it's going to give us.
the_angrygerman: Yep. I want to know now. Fucking *name removed*, not having proper DNS contact. (feel that hypocrisy)
youve_been_fragged: I was going to bitch to godaddy.com about it, but that wouldn't accomplish anything.
the_angrygerman: Ha, it won't.
the_angrygerman: I'm checking his other sites.
the_angrygerman: Funky.
the_angrygerman: It lists that *number removed* contact on *website removed*.com
youve_been_fragged: We should have had her mom give us a copy of her YIM archive, her IE Favorites, and her IE History before she gave the box to the keystone cops.
youve_been_fragged: I'll try it again.
the_angrygerman: Last updated April '04
the_angrygerman: It's the same address as his personal site too.
youve_been_fragged: I'll leave a message this time. If you're the owner of *website removed*.com please check your email.
the_angrygerman: That's gotta be a proper number of someone who knows him, at least.
the_angrygerman: This guy has more websites than Phoebus and I combined.
youve_been_fragged: A lot of the urls just redirect to *website removed*.com thought. Like *website removed*.com
the_angrygerman: Yep.
youve_been_fragged: I left a message. After the girl gets done speaking she then has a hip hop song play for over a minute...then you get the beep. Very annoying.
the_angrygerman: That is annoying.
the_angrygerman: Geez.
youve_been_fragged: *website removed*
the_angrygerman: She has AOL and MSN accounts.
the_angrygerman: But I don't know what they are.
the_angrygerman: I'll email the mother for them now.
youve_been_fragged: Okay. Here is the one this person is using. *AIM removed*
the_angrygerman: The email to the mother for the MSN and AOL accounts is sent.
youve_been_fragged: Cool.
youve_been_fragged: I'm going to register for that board and see what's in the profile. Probably nothing, but it's worth a shot.
the_angrygerman: Yep. Can't hurt.
youve_been_fragged: They've disabled everything on that board. No emails, no PMs, and no profiles.
the_angrygerman: Ah. Even for registered? Weird.
youve_been_fragged: Yep.
youve_been_fragged: Have you checked the Whois on his other sites, like *website removed*, *website removed*, and *website removed*?
the_angrygerman: I checked *website removed*.
the_angrygerman: Same number.
youve_been_fragged: Okay.
the_angrygerman: Ill check the other two, but I'm sure they'll be the same.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah probably.
the_angrygerman: Same on *website removed*.
the_angrygerman: This guy is annoying. *website removed*
the_angrygerman: Foofy poetry dork.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah I just saw that.
the_angrygerman: Same on *website removed*.
youve_been_fragged: And same on *website removed*
the_angrygerman: yep, I just said that. Okay. that should be it then.
the_angrygerman: Maybe he lives with a GF or something.
youve_been_fragged: Yeah maybe.
the_angrygerman: I can't imagine a guy like this dating someone.
youve_been_fragged: Hahaha I was thinking the same thing
the_angrygerman: Reminds me of the sensitive Brendan Fraser character from Bedeviled (whatever that movie name is)
youve_been_fragged: Yeah.
youve_been_fragged: Do we have a middle initial for this guy?
the_angrygerman: I don't, no.
youve_been_fragged: I was able to find in the white pages a *name removed*
the_angrygerman: That's him.
the_angrygerman: Same age, same location.
the_angrygerman: Same number?
youve_been_fragged: No number given. It then directs you to the pay sites like *website removed* or however they spell it.
the_angrygerman: Hmm. Okay.
youve_been_fragged: *website removed*
the_angrygerman: Yeah, freakin' *website removed*.
youve_been_fragged: The *website removed* was last updated two years ago, so it's probably incorrect.
the_angrygerman: Probably. I can't imagine this guy listing a fake phone number.
the_angrygerman: That *name removed* number has to lead to him somehow.

the_angrygerman: There's my Harvey.
the_angrygerman: Potential huge breakthrough.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yeah?
the_angrygerman: She's been online.
harveypj2003 (Away): What'd we get?
the_angrygerman: AND...
harveypj2003 (Away): Right.
the_angrygerman: She's been online where we can trace her.
the_angrygerman: *website removed* - She was logged in nineteen hours ago.
the_angrygerman: She posted twice on Sept. 6th.
harveypj2003 (Away): Okay. Do we know what IP she posted from?
the_angrygerman: I have emails and frag has a call into the tech guy.
the_angrygerman: So we should have the IP tomorrow.
harveypj2003 (Away): Sweet.
the_angrygerman: With that, we'll have her location, and then we can run that against the celly numbers.
harveypj2003 (Away): That's a thing of beauty.
the_angrygerman: If there's a hit, we'll bypass *name removed* and contact the cops in whatever area she's in.
harveypj2003 (Away): Nodnod. I think that's pretty much necessary at this point.
the_angrygerman: It's looking hopeful.
the_angrygerman: Yeah, the mother tried to contact *name removed* three times tonight, but no response.
harveypj2003 (Away): Jesus.
the_angrygerman: She and I have been trading emails though.
the_angrygerman: So we're watching a bunch of IM accounts and waiting on *name removed*.
harveypj2003 (Away): *website removed* techie?
the_angrygerman: Owner, techie, he's 25 and lives in Seattle.
harveypj2003 (Away): Gotcha.
the_angrygerman: he's basically the exact opposite of me.
harveypj2003 (Away): Unintelligent and goth?
the_angrygerman: I mean, I've never read up on someone so opposite me before.
harveypj2003 (Away): And sociable?
the_angrygerman: Brooding, poetry, sociable, and accepting of all peoples.
harveypj2003 (Away): I think I saw you brooding once.
harveypj2003 (Away): It was out of the corner of my eye, though.
the_angrygerman: I don't brood. I get depressed at terrible policework, but I don't brood.
harveypj2003 (Away): True.
harveypj2003 (Away): Less poetic, that.
the_angrygerman: Exactly.
the_angrygerman: Less pretentious.
harveypj2003 (Away): Haha. you and *name removed* would be BESTEST friends.
the_angrygerman: Anyways, I think it's a damn solid lead.
harveypj2003 (Away): I'd say so.
harveypj2003 (Away): Particularly if it traces somewhere where we have a link.
the_angrygerman: The guy in New York called the mother to say that she was online before, but is with "very bad guys."
harveypj2003 (Away): Oh jeez.
the_angrygerman: Or a "very bad scene."
the_angrygerman: One of the two.
harveypj2003 (Away): So, basically, we're right to be concerned and the police there are fuckheads?
the_angrygerman: Of course.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
the_angrygerman: Although whoever she is with let her get online somehow.
the_angrygerman: Which is extremely good.
harveypj2003 (Away): Do we have a screenname now?
the_angrygerman: We have a ton of them.
the_angrygerman: DMO is on screenname watch.
the_angrygerman: So is Frag.
harveypj2003 (Away): Cool.
harveypj2003 (Away): Have we done searches for posting on all of them?
the_angrygerman: Yes.
the_angrygerman: Nothing recent.
harveypj2003 (Away): Okay.
the_angrygerman: All of this is going to be moot when *name removed* gets home and emails me.
the_angrygerman: Because he's going to give me an IP. I have faith.
harveypj2003 (Away): What if he refuses?
the_angrygerman: OH PLEASE.
the_angrygerman: He'd be in for some bad, bad days.
the_angrygerman: I laid out everything in the email.
the_angrygerman: If he refuses, he's toast.
the_angrygerman: "Oh, you're refusing to help discover an abducted child who posted on your server? Which partially caters to underage kids?"
the_angrygerman: Plus, he's not the ONLY one I can get it from. He has a few upper admins (a couple Harv's) who I can contact too.
harveypj2003 (Away): Right. I understand why he'd be a bad person. But what proof does he have that you're who you say you are?
the_angrygerman: Okay, various things.
the_angrygerman: One... the profile on *website removed* uses the word *name removed* and has her location.
the_angrygerman: Two, I linked him to the net abduction in my email.
the_angrygerman: Three, I sent it from admin.
harveypj2003 (Away): Okay, cool.
the_angrygerman: Four, I even gave him the number of *name removed* if he, for some reason, didn't want to give it to us. (although I stressed that giving it to us would be the quickest)
harveypj2003 (Away): I figured you had, but I wanted to at least raise the possibility to hear what you'd do if he refused.
the_angrygerman: Plus, we have his address and phone number.
harveypj2003 (Away): Hahaha.
harveypj2003 (Away): Stalker!
the_angrygerman: :)
the_angrygerman: You know how we roll :)
harveypj2003 (Away): Like dat. We roll like dat.
harveypj2003 (Away): *flashes gang sign*
the_angrygerman: We roll like gangsta ninjas!
harveypj2003 (Away): We need a PJ gang sign.
harveypj2003 (Away): I'm the ninja techie.
the_angrygerman: Ha, you're not a techie :)

the_angrygerman: Got the IP. Comcast in Washington
the_angrygerman: I'm calling to lean on them now.
the_angrygerman: Those IP's are static, so if they don't cough it up, I'll have *name removed* get it from them.
harveypj2003 (Away): So she's still in Washington?
harveypj2003 (Away): *blink*
the_angrygerman: Yep.
harveypj2003 (Away): Well, I /guess/ that's good.
harveypj2003 (Away): Hopefully they'll yield it up.
the_angrygerman: IP traces to Seattle.
harveypj2003 (Away): Is that near Camas?
*** Auto-response sent to harveypj2003 (Away): I'm busy, make it good
the_angrygerman: No. It's about four or five hours north.
harveypj2003 (Away): Okay. So she definitely traveled.
the_angrygerman: yep
harveypj2003 (Away): Do we have any idea who she has in terms of contacts in Seattle?
harveypj2003 (Away): That sounds like a possible internet liason.
harveypj2003 (Away): Regional chatroom type thing.
the_angrygerman: Likely is. I'm calling Comcast right now. Hold.
harveypj2003 (Away): Holding.
the_angrygerman: Okay, they won't give it to me, but they did give me contact for their legal department. Said they would likely only give it up to a detective.

the_angrygerman: They got the address from our information.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yeah?
harveypj2003 (Away): Do they have her yet?
the_angrygerman: Not yet. We'll know either later tonight or early tomorrow.
harveypj2003 (Away): Jeez.
harveypj2003 (Away): *crosses fingers*
the_angrygerman: Yeah, no doubt.
the_angrygerman: *name removed* told *name removed*, *name removed* told us.
harveypj2003 (Away): Have *name removed* call me if it's early tomorrow, you if it's late tonight. *grin* Being on opposite sides of the US could help.
harveypj2003 (Away): Yeah, I'm guessing *name removed* didn't bother calling you.
the_angrygerman: May have, but I don't have the phone on me anymore.
harveypj2003 (Away): Ah, PA wander off?
the_angrygerman: Work.
the_angrygerman: I'm easily the most impatient person on the planet.

the_angrygerman: We did it.
the_angrygerman: I just got the call.
youve_been_fragged: Wow.
youve_been_fragged: Amazing.
the_angrygerman: Detective is gushing praise for us, said that without us she probably would not have been found.
the_angrygerman: She was found in bad condition though.
youve_been_fragged: Really?
the_angrygerman: I need Harv's number.
the_angrygerman: Yeah, she wasn't with a good person.
the_angrygerman: They got her though, due to our work.
the_angrygerman: Fucking A, we just saved a kid. That's ridiculous.
youve_been_fragged: Yes it is.
the_angrygerman: Harv's number please.
youve_been_fragged: *number removed*
youve_been_fragged: Did she go willingly?
youve_been_fragged: When you get off the phone.
the_angrygerman: I honestly don't know.
the_angrygerman: Apparently she's not in good condition.
youve_been_fragged: Well she probably hasn't had her meds for 12 days.
the_angrygerman: No, she hasn't.
the_angrygerman: Probably was beat, but damn. I can't believe it.
youve_been_fragged: I know. I'm sitting her stunned. It hasn't really sunk in.
the_angrygerman: Nor here. Wow. I told Harv.

harveypj2003 (Away): Hah, I had to return.
harveypj2003 (Away): that is so fucking awesome.
harveypj2003 (Away): So do I let DJ know?
harveypj2003 (Away): You!
harveypj2003 (Away): Return!
harveypj2003 (Away): And you should post the resolution to *name removed*.
the_angrygerman: Back.
harveypj2003 (Away): Ah, thought maybe you were talking to *name removed*.
the_angrygerman: I'm just shell-shocked.
the_angrygerman: No.
harveypj2003 (Away): Should I call *name removed* and just say that we're glad *name removed*'s home?
harveypj2003 (Away): Just as a message sort of deal?
the_angrygerman: I'd leave her be. She knows more about the condition of *name removed*.
the_angrygerman: She may be crying or sad.
harveypj2003 (Away): Right. I was thinking I could find out from her.
harveypj2003 (Away): And if she /is/ crying or sad, she may want to talk.
harveypj2003 (Away): Hence my query.
the_angrygerman: You can call her, sure.
the_angrygerman: I'm going to make a small post about it in G-D.
the_angrygerman: Still trying to figure out how to write it.
harveypj2003 (Away): She talked to me freely once, so I figured she might again.
the_angrygerman: You know, I prepare for a lot of things, but not this.
harveypj2003 (Away): "Uh, guys? We kicked ass."
harveypj2003 (Away): I think that might work.
the_angrygerman: She and I have talked three or four times on the phone.
harveypj2003 (Away): I mean, jesus god, we SAVED a CHILD.
the_angrygerman: I know. It's still surreal.
harveypj2003 (Away): I'm absolutely sure that you'll do a good job of writing it up.
harveypj2003 (Away): You have a flair.
harveypj2003 (Away): know what? you've saved a kid's life now.
harveypj2003 (Away): Sorry, didn't know if you knew that.
the_angrygerman: I wouldn't go that far.
harveypj2003 (Away): No?
harveypj2003 (Away): Abducted kid in danger?
the_angrygerman: Threads up.
harveypj2003 (Away): Refreshing now.
harveypj2003 (Away): Apparently I had a feeling.
harveypj2003 (Away): Wow, it's dragging for me.
harveypj2003 (Away): *can't get to it to read it*
harveypj2003 (Away): *curses*
harveypj2003 (Away): Ooh!
harveypj2003 (Away): I'm there!
harveypj2003 (Away): I think it's good.
the_angrygerman: Okay.
harveypj2003 (Away): It's kind of nice that you weren't prepared.
the_angrygerman: I don't even know how to react to this.
the_angrygerman: Did you call the mother?
harveypj2003 (Away): Yup, left her a message to call me any time, day or night.
the_angrygerman: Okay.

Later this week: The police reaction and my first experience at a "media blitz."