Suffering through this season's severe winter weather

January/2005: Weather - I am nothing if not a man of empathy, and right now our friends on the East Coast and Canada are suffering through massive snowfall, cold temperatures and terrible conditions. I feel truly, truly sorry for them. In order to try to share their pain, I will let them know of our pain here on the West Coast with my helpful assistant, Moxie, my cat.

We decided to try to brave the elements today, and I think we barely made it. I took some pictures of our harrowing journey.


Unlike you guys on the East Coast who only have to deal with snow, we went outside and were immediately confronted by this giant flaming round ball in the sky! It is so bright, and so warm due to this giant molten circle of fire-death. We did our best to shield our eyes, but we could feel the harmful ultra-violet rays bashing into our skin and pores and creating skin cancer instantly.

Moxie didn't fare any better than I did...

Moxie looking over her shoulder for safety

Moxie is a good cat and knew to look over her shoulder for fear of this fireball falling from the sky upon her. The terror you could see on her face was amazing. The terrible price of winter weather was once again upon us. And you could not escape it. No matter how hard you try, the cast-off from this fireball was everywhere! We looked for refuge, for a cloud, for shade... but we were abandoned!!!

The clouds have foresaken us!!!

There was nowhere to run. No natural covering was above our heads. Only blue sky. The trees tried to hide us from the sunshine, but they failed. The blue sky was everywhere today. At one point I turned my head to cross the street and was hit RIGHT IN THE EYE by a bright stream of sunshine that nearly blinded me, causing me to almost get hit by a car. Well, by almost I mean that there were cars down the street going in a different direction on a different street, but they definitely were within throwing distance.

It took us a while to regain our coherency after that smacking of dangerous yellow brightness, but thankfully due to Moxie's help, we were able to navigate back to home, despite some other weather-related perils that were to come!

Moxie navigates us by the untamed fast food litter

Pulling me past the litter of fast food containers, we were able to safefully brave this dangerous winter weather and make it back, once again, safely indoors. It was a harrowing experience, fraught with dangerous weather-related harms in our path, but we were happy, content to make it back indoors to the relative safety of the inside. While some rays of cancerous death may blast in through the window, one can ward them off far easier indoors. No fear of blinding car death here. The peril was not lost upon my navigation cat, who knew at the end of the day, she had just saved a life.

Yes, she knows she's a hero cat

Heed this journal entry and remember, the next time it's sixty two degrees and sunny outside, take your cat with you so you can brave those harsh, harsh elements. And you people on the East Coast think you have it bad.

Just try walking in our shoes.